The parking entrance is located on Rudy Road and flows around to the opposite side of the building. There's plenty of parking all around the building and five entrances so you're never parking too far from the door. We also have a handicap-accessible, drive-through awning on the East side of the building, along with with designated handicap parking, if needed.

Welcome Desk

We want everyone who comes through our doors to feel welcome. Our Welcome Desk is available to get you checked-in, answer questions, provide information, and direct you around our campus.

Coffee Bar

Show up a little early to get yourself a free cup of coffee and meet some new people. Our Foyer is always full of people chatting over a cup before the service!

Next Steps Corner

This is the hub of what's going on at Grace Church. Stop by before or after the service to find out how to get involved and learn about upcoming events.


We strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment in our Nursery, KidsChurch, and Youth Ministry. We have a thorough check-in system to ensure that your children are safe and cared for. You'll receive a Parent Tag with a unique number every time you check your kids in on Sundays. Hang on to this tag for easy check-out after the service.

What happens after worship?

One of our Pastors will usually give an encouraging word to the congregation, and then the Service Host will guide us in the Offering, give a few reminders, and then hand off to a Pastor for the Message.


Communion is an important part of our spiritual lives, so we make it available every week after the message.


Our Prayer Team is available after the Message every week to pray with you for whatever you might be facing in life.


If you're a parent, take your Parent Tag to our classrooms to check-out your kids after the service.

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